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You know how you seem to move through life phases with all of your friends – some may go a little early and some a little late. It seems like a large number of your friends get married at the same time, then first babies seem to come in batches and before you know it – those kids are grown and having children of their own. This recently hit me when two of my best friends in the world and I were planning a shower for our lifelong friend’s daughter. It really put your age into perspective when you are friends with the grandmother to be instead of the mother to be. 

Planning for this shower was unique due to a few factors:

The shower was it the grandmother’s house – 45 minutes to 3 hours away for the hostesses.  It was an awesome space, but it forces you to have everything together when you leave home and be able to set up and take down in a reasonable amount of time. For someone like me who can get a little carried away, this is actually a good thing.

The other hostesses and I did all of the planning virtually via phone, text, Google Docs and of course Pinterest. 

Sweet baby boy arrived four days before the original date. We postponed the reschedule by about six weeks to give mom and baby some time to adjust before we swooped in with our cute jungle theme and full house of people.


We purchased a customizable PDF invitation from  LittlePrintsParties on Etsy. This worked out well as the first invitation was mailed and then rescheduled invite was handled via text, and the editable PDF allowed for the changes. Simply save out a jpeg or png of your invitation (or take a photo of it if you do not have the file) and text it as the reminder. This worked well because people always have their phone with them and can refer to the details.


The shower was held between meals, so we offered a variety of sweet and savory snacks with two amazing fruit and vegetable arrangements (that were not Pinterest fails).

Lion Vegetable Tray

Inspiration and Instructions
I am partial to the way ours turned out. It just goes to show that not everything has to be Pinterest perfect – add in your own flavor.

The beautiful tray came from Pier One and it’s actually melamine so it’s super easy to take care of and durable. 


Elephant Fruit Display

Inspiration and Instructions
I was gung ho on making this happen until I had the knife in my hand.I just couldn’t cut into that perfectly round and cute watermelon. My co-hostess and former home-ec teacher easily handled the task that had me paralyzed with fear of messing it up. Another perk of hosting an event with beautiful and talented friends.


Jungle Vines
The green apple Twizzlers aren’t easy to find in the store. We ordered them from Amazon. Inspiration.

Ham and Cheese Sliders
These are also sometimes referred to as funeral sandwiches. Make a double batch of these – they go very quickly. Instructions.

Artichoke Dip with Scoops
Although I love Pinterest, I still love to see a tried and true recipe hand-written on a recipe card. This is my sweet friend’s handwriting for this amazing dip. This was a huge hit – so much so that grown women were standing around waiting their turn to scrape the bowl. 

Lemonade and Water
I found some very cute water bottle labels at Hobby Lobby on clearance (one of my favorite words). If you have tried to adhere labels to water bottles, you know that some are easier than others. My Kroger brand were not the easiest. If you have found a bottle that works well, please let me know- behindthescenesbelle@gmail.com.


Mom-to-be gave us a very cute and easy theme to work with. The simple table started with a Chambray tablecloth (I purchased this approximately 15 years ago and I use it all the time- you will see it a lot around behindthescenesbelle.com) , with a yellow chevron runner which actually consisted of valances that hung in my daughter’s room (stay tuned to see how I will use just about anything as a table runner / topper).

I have a love/hate relationship with diaper cakes. The jury is still out on this one, but it did serve as a good centerpiece for the table and was a practical gift to leave with the family.

My daughters collect giraffes and elephants, so I had to go raid their stacks. It just worked out that I was able to find a mom and baby of each, which added just a small, soft touch to the buffet.

The mantle needed a little something as guests would mainly be gathered in the living room, but we did not want to disturb their existing decor. This kraft paper vine with personalized leaves added just enough whimsy without being too much.


Guests have mixed opinion on party games, so we stuck with a couple of very easy ones with printables purchased from SunnysideCottageArt on Etsy. The don’t say baby one is always fun, because who can go a whole shower without saying baby. The guess the book name from emojis was also a hit, especially since we had several teachers and avid readers in the room. We decided to skip the what’s in your purse (which made me sad because I have some interesting stuff in my purse and usually rock that one) because many guests just came in with keys and phone or small clutch.

Simple Favor

You know an edible favor is good when your guests start eating it before they leave. We chose the Animal Cracker Crunch and left the popcorn off as a few comments on the pin suggested. I have a stockpile of clear bags so we just filled those and finished off with ribbon and coordinating thank you tag. Inspiration. 


This was a special little shower for a dear friend and her family. It was one of those days that is just good for your soul.

Fore more baby shower and sprinkle ideas I love, please come check out my Pinterest board.

Stay humble, work hard, be kind.

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