Free Printable: Happy Halloween Boo-tiful Friends

Don’t you just love getting real mail – not bills, not ads, and not those promotions that come in hopeful envelopes with what looks like a real stamp and  a computer-generated font that might just be a friend’s handwriting? Very few people still receive real mail, and it’s rarity makes it all the more special.

I try to make it a point to send real mail on a regular basis. While a beautifully written personal note is genuine show of true hospitality and kindness, let’s face it – few of us have ( or will take) the time for that and it’s not so graceful when your handwriting is worse than a toddlers (no offense to the toddler write better than me). I have a thing for beautiful notecards, but I often feel like I am defacing them with my chicken scratch.

My solution = Printables

There are tons of beautiful options on Etsy and Pinterest in every shape and size for every occasion imaginable. With some pre-planning, these can be an amazing option. If you are like me though, you think of it at the last-minute and find yourself missing an important element. For me, it’s usually the correct size envelope, and I detest sending a cute card in an ill-fitting envelope. Since I always seem to have the plain old white business sized envelopes (#10 if you want to get technical) on hand, I design my printables to print 3 on a letter size piece of paper or card stock. They fit nicely, require no special materials and still allow you adequate room on the back to add a hand-written message if you choose.

Download the ready to print PDF.

I will be adding more to the series of this size printable. Join the mailing list so you don’t miss one. If you want to be ready for the next release, go ahead and stock up on these few basics:

Neenah Bright White Premium Cardstock, 96 Brightness, 65 lb., 8.5×11 inches, 75-Sheets (90905)

Mead 10 Envelopes, Security, Press-it Seal-it, 4-1/8″ X 9-1/2″, White, 45 Per Box (75026)

US Flag USPS Forever Stamps Book of 20 – 2016 New Release

If you have suggestions for future slim, simple and sweet printables, email me at

Stay humble, work hard, be kind.

Real mail is such a rarity these days. Send your boo-tiful friends a special treat with this free slim, simple and sweet You're Boo-tiful Happy Halloween printable.


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