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5 Quick Tips for Simplifying Packing Christmas Decor

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I absolutely love Christmas decor with all the lights and shiny and glittery things – sentimental pieces and fun new ones – the abundance of Jesus and Santa (at least in my house), but as much as I enjoy it, I am also ready to get my house back in order by this time. My decorations go up early, but they also come down pretty early as well. Today is the day I will tackle my Christmas Decor Packing so I wanted to share 5 quick tips for simplifying your Christmas decor packing that have helped me immensely over the years. 

1. Declutter / Downsize

Now is the time to declutter. There is no need to pack up something you will not love to use in the future. If you have something that you just don’t love anymore, it’s ok to get rid of it. Donate it and I promise someone else will be thrilled to find it. I have both donated and benefitted from a few thrift store Christmas treasures.

2. Like with Like

After decluttering and before I even get the boxes down, I take everything thing down and organize it. It can be a little overwhelming to see it all together to be packed, but I find that it has the following advantages:

  • Nothing gets left behind. (There’s nothing worse than finding one more piece after all the boxes have been packed and stored.)
  • Layering is easier when you see it all together. (Heavier or items within their own boxes go on the bottom, then odd-shaped items, and lastly any small items that can safely fill in the space.)
  • It’s easier to decide what to declutter when you see it all together. (Just don’t get overwhelmed and donate it all.)
Simplify Christmas Decor Packing - Behind the Scenes Belle
This is my attempt at gathering like with like just in the dining room and kitchen. Sure it looks a mess but will simplify packing in the long run.

3. Good boxes are fundamental

While you may be tempted to use all of those Amazon boxes or something, good, sturdy plastic boxes with locking lids are a much safer bet. I am a box within a box packer, so some of mine even have the plastic shoe boxes full of smaller objects inside. If the thought of going back to the store right now is more than you want to think about, check out this list of options that Amazon can bring right to you http://amzn.to/2Ccql9a

4. Think vertical

Crushable things like wreaths, garlands, and even bows for tree toppers do well when carefully placed in garbage bags and hung in your storage area. I have at least 15 wreaths that I hang this way. Small nails have been added to the side studs and even a few of the rafters in my attic area to hang the bag handles. Bonus Tip: to keep bows in good shape – stuff each loop with a portion of toilet paper or paper towel roll or just leftover tissue paper, and roll up the tails and paperclip the roll so they will not get permanent creases. Super Important Bonus Tip: Make sure you shake out any wreaths or garlands that have been outside before packing. I may have just unleashed a gnat wave inside my house by failing to do this earlier today.

Simplify Christmas Decor Packing - Behind the Scenes Belle

Borrowing from the like with like from above, I try to store the bows, ribbons, floral picks, etc. in the same bag with the garland they adorn. Some people have their garlands permanently decorated and store them that way. I have never had much luck with that and since I like to change things up a little each year, I never wire or glue all of mine together. Essentially I put together garland kits that I get to assemble each year.

Now if you do not have the ability to hang crushable things, make sure that there are in super sturdy boxes big enough that the branches, etc. don’t have to be shoved in – that will cause damage and more work for you next year when you have to fluff everything.

5. Label Everything

Affix good sturdy labels to all of your boxes on the top and the sides, and on the front and back of anything you hang. In addition to the contents, add which room it goes to if you tend to use the same things in each room annually.  For example, I always use Santas in the dining room so that large box would indicate that, and my little elves (if and when I can talk them into helping me) will know which room to put each box in without having to ask.

I hope these 5 quick tips for simplifying your Christmas decor packing will make the process a little easier for you. Please feel free to share any tips you have with me. I am always looking for ways to make the packing up as enjoyable as unpacking and decorating!

Happy Packing!

Stay humble, work hard, be kind.

Wendy - Behind the Scenes Belle

P.S. Not ready to start packing it all up yet? Pin this image for future reference:


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4 thoughts on “5 Quick Tips for Simplifying Packing Christmas Decor

  1. Great tips! I would say we are fairly minimalist on decorations, so we don’t usually have much of a problem with packing up after Christmas. I’m hoping it will be even easier next year since we just ordered a pre-lit tree – no lights to untangle!

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