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Modern Manners Monday – Manners & Etiquette

People tend to group manners and etiquette together, when in fact they are two separate but related entities. Manners are an expression of inner character, while etiquette is a set of rules on how those manners should be exhibited externally. Those etiquette rules cover every type of interaction, occasion, and situation. The rules are not meant to be rigid and cumbersome, or old-fashioned. They serve to help people get along and avoid conflict. Nevertheless, some people are completely turned off by the thought of learning even more rules to life.

That is why I choose to focus on manners. Manners are a common sense (although not so common these days) way to show respect, generosity, kindness, and consideration.

Each week, I’ll be bringing you Modern Manners Monday post with a common sense (there’s that again) reminder about the importance of manners in today’s quick, fast and in a hurry world. Some may be focused more toward adults and some may be geared toward children, but taking the time to purposely think about manners and how yours can be improved is beneficial to everyone.

And if you are wondering why I think manners are such a big deal, this first of the series sums it up:


Modern Manners Monday - Behind the Scenes Belle

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Stay humble, work hard, be kind.

Wendy - Behind the Scenes Belle

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Modern Manners Monday - Behind the Scenes Belle


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