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Modern Manners Monday – Bad Manners

Manners are obviously important to you- why else would you take the time to read a post on tolerating bad manners? As I said last week in the beginning of the Modern Manners Monday series, manners are a common sense way to show respect, generosity, kindness, and consideration. But common sense is not always common. Today’s quote is about tolerating bad manners – or better yet, “putting up with them pleasantly.”


Modern Manners Monday - Tolerating Bad manners- Behind the Scenes Belle


Most Common Bad Manners

So what examples of bad manners do you run into most often? How do you feel about these:

  • Talking excessively or too loudly
  • Talking with your mouth full
  • Interrupting
  • Staring
  • Eating or drinking excessively in public
  • Focusing on cell phone and ignoring others
  • Spitting, scratching, picking and other gross actions
  • Dressing inappropriately
  • Invading personal space
  • Not saying please or thank you

Unfortunately, this list is just scratching the surface. The Spruce and Good Housekeeping have plenty of other examples.

Combatting Bad Manners

Calling someone out on their less than pleasant manners could put you in the same bad behavior category. As the quote says above, being able to put up with bad manners pleasantly is the best test of good manners. In my opinion, leading by example is the most effective and gracious way to tolerate bad manners.

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Stay humble, work hard, be kind.

Wendy - Behind the Scenes Belle

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