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Personalized Floral Photo Hoop

I recently had the pleasure of coordinating a party for two lovely young ladies I have watched grow up and graduate college together. They have been friends since preschool so they had many precious photos together – some elegant, some goofy, some serious and of course several “aww they are so cute” inspiring ones. I wanted to work these special photos into their celebration in unique ways. I’ll post about the photo table runner and garland in a subsequent post, but for now, I want to share this easy and inexpensive yet elegant, slightly boho-chic floral photo hoop.

Materials needed:

Floral Photo Hoop Instructions

1. Spray paint your hula hoop. I found that even with painting one side and flipping over to do the over that I still had places I  missed because of the tubular nature of the hoop. I ended up suspending the hoop on a shepherds hook to ensure I covered the entire surface.

2. Print and trim your photos. I changed all of my photos to black and white because they were going to be small and close together and I didn’t want the colors to compete with each other. I made them slightly less than 3″ wide so I could fit two to a 4’x6″ photo and still have room for a small white border. I had them printed at the Wal-Mart Photo Center because I was having other photos printed as well, but you could also print at home on photo paper or cardstock.

3. Lay your ribbon out vertically and determine how far apart you want them spaced. Lay a few photos out so you can make sure that you leave enough room in between. Wrap your ribbon around the tube and glue to the back. The middle one will be easy to pull taut, but the others may be a little more challenging because you are wrapping at an angle. I had to go back and pull a little slack out and reglue a few of the ribbons.

4. Lay your photo grid out. I used 5 vertical strips with 3, 4, 5, 4, 3 photos on each. You may want to do more or less depending on the size of your hoop. I am terrible at consistent measurements, so I ended up using the width of the ruler as a spacer.

5. Glue your photos to the ribbon with hot glue.

6. Adorn your hoop with greenery and silk flowers. I started with the greenery, added the roses and then inserted the white filler flower where needed. I would typically not use an even number of feature flowers, but since this floral photo hoop was for two special young ladies, I decided to leave it at two. You may have noticed in the  photos above that I added my florals before adding the photos. I did this because I didn’t want to risk getting hot glue on the photos, but I would advise against it as I ended up with some greenery in the way of the photos.

I used this floral photo hoop at an outside graduation party and there wasn’t a solid vertical surface on which to hang it. I think the way I had to hang it caused it to lose a little dimension. I think it would have looked great on a solid wall or dor.

Because silk flowers were used, the hoop can be used as a home decor item. The young ladies share a house and they told me that they have it hanging on display.

In addition to graduation parties, this floral photo hoop would also be great for anniversaries, retirements or engagement parties.

I would love to know if this project inspires you to use photos in your next special event. Until then…

Stay humble, work hard, be kind.

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