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5 Tips for the Best Burgers

Summer is officially here, and there is no better time to fire up the grill. My grilling skills are novice level at best, so I stick with pretty simple things like burgers. But even with burgers, there are a few simple things that make a big difference. Here are my top 5 tips for the best burgers.

5 Tips for the Best Burgers

# 1 Start with  80/20 ground chuck

This may be a slightly higher fat content that you typically use, but that little extra fat can make all the difference between a dry and juicy burger. If you are planning on grilling lots of burgers this Summer, you may want to check out Zaycon Fresh as they sell high-quality meats, that they bring directly from the farm to a location near you, and their sales are amazing. If you try it and like it, you can even earn Zaycon credits for referring them to your friends.

#2 Make a thumbprint in the middle of the patty

I used to end up with patties that started out great but then drew up into thick little balls. The trick is to use your thumb to make a deep depression into the center of the patty before putting on the grill. 

#3 Season the patties

People definitely have differing opinions on this one. Some purists say to use salt and pepper only, but since I am about adding a little something extra, I think a simple seasoning mix can go a long way. This simple mix adds just the right amount of kick!

# 4 Flip once

Don’t wear your burger out by continually flipping, and don’t flip too early as the patty may fall apart. Give it at least 3 minutes to allow a nice crust to form before flipping. 

#5 It’s all in the timing

To get the color and consistency just right in the middle, follow these time suggestions.

Rare: 6 minutes

Medium rare: 7 minutes

Medium: 8 minutes

Medium-well: 9 minutes

Well-done: 11 minutes

OK y’all, I am off to clean the wasps’ nest out of the grill and get the burgers started. What are your Tips for the Best Burgers?

By the way, I have a great collection of grilling ideas on Pinterest. Click below to check them out.



Happy Grilling!

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