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Personalized Photo Table Runner

I recently posted about a simple college graduation party that I put together for two sweet young ladies. Because they have been friends since preschool, they had many meaningful photos together, and I wanted to incorporate them all. Many went into the Floral Photo Hoop, and I used others for this Photo Table Runner. It was very easy, inexpensive and easy to transport – all the things you look for in party decor.

Materials Needed:

  • Kraft paper or leftover wrapping paper
  • Printed photos of various sizes. I printed on regular paper from my home printer. (Take the number you think you may need and double that)
  • Glue (both school glue and hot glue will work)

Photo Table Runner Instructions:

  1. Measure out the length of your runner and cut the paper to that length. I wanted my runner to be showcased on the front of the table so I may it long enough to almost touch the ground, but your length is up to you. My kraft paper was pretty thick so I only doubled up only on the ends to give it some stability. If you are using flimsy paper, be sure to double the thickness so you have a good base on which to adhere the photos. I used the whole width of the kraft paper, but I realized that it would have worked just as well a little narrower.
  2. Start with the larger photos and distribute them along the runner, gluing as you go. I had several copies of each, so I wanted to make sure they did not end up next to each other. Turn them at various angles. I also found it helpful to get some of the larger photos on the edges in the beginning. I angled mine to add more interest to the edges, but you could also do a straight edge.
  3. Continue layering on the smaller photos, stepping down in size as you go. You will end up with several odd-shaped empty spaces near the end, and here is where the smaller photos are very useful.
  4. Once dry, roll loosely to transport to your party space.

Just like the Floral Photo Hoop, this Photo Table Runner would also be great for anniversaries, retirements or engagement parties.

I would love to know how you incorporate photos into your parties and events. Until then…

Stay humble, work hard, be kind.

Wendy - Behind the Scenes Belle






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