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We have had a great summer, but it’s almost time for my girls to head back to school (we start really early here in Georgia)! That means it’s time to start thinking about all things Back to School related including Back to School Gifts!

You can link to the Facebook live video here if you prefer.

I did a quick poll on my Instagram and Facebook pages asking if your child takes a small gift to their teacher during meet the teacher day or the first day of school? The results were almost 50/50, so I know a few of you have this on your mind right now along with buying school clothes and supplies, getting those last minute dentist appointments and haircuts in, and getting back on a regular routine. I thought I could make this one aspect –  of Back to School Gifts – a little easier.

We are going to cover quick, easy and very inexpensive ideas for Back to School Gifts for teachers, classmates and even some ideas for those of you who are teachers and would like to send your students home with a little treat after open house or the first day of school.

Back to School Gifts for Teachers

Back to School Gifts for teachers certainly aren’t a necessity, but it is a good way to let the person who your child is going to spend a tremendous amount of time with this year. These are just quick and easy ways to let the teacher know that you are thinking about them, you are looking forward to partnering with them in your child’s education, and you hope they have a great year and. As with any gift it should be about the thought and the effort, not the amount of money or complexity involved.

You will notice that just about all of these gifts were added to a cellophane bag, with a little quick bow and a tag.  It’s certainly a great way to dress up any simple gift. Now I have a variety of bags at home because I use them all of the time for gift-gifting and in my Etsy shop. You can get a set of standard sized treat bags – 20 or so for $1 at Dollar General, Dollar Tree or Walmart. They come in different colors and patterns, but I really prefer the clear ones because it shows the gift and allows you to be more versatile.

The Back to School Gifts for teachers printable tags used in the gifts below are available here for download.

So let’s start with the absolute simplest gift. This is literally just one little pack of Post-it notes in a cheery bright color. Now you could get the Post-it note block or a more substantial pack, but this size for less than $1 is perfect!  Attach a bow and the “take note” tag and you are good to go.

The next is a variation on that theme – just a larger magnetic notepad with some coordinating pencils. We used the same sentiment here, but you’ll notice that the colors and design are a little different  -maybe a little more masculine. I just wanted to offer both so you would have some flexibility.

Stepping up to less than $2- we have a pack of highlighters. I left these in the package but you certainly could take them out and tie together before you put them in the bag, or just tie with a bow and without the bag.  Either way – make sure you attach the “Having you as my teacher is the highlight of my year!” tag.

Moving one more step up we have a little clear jar here filled with essentials caffein and chocolate. Simply place a gift card for coffee or soda inside and surround with Hershey’s miniatures or your favorite chocolate.

The last teacher one is a great literally just a little crayon/pencil box full of with essentials and it’s labeled as the teacher’s aid kit.  I added essentials such as a nail file, hand sanitizer,  pens, pencils, erasers and filled in with candy. You can fill it with anything you think the teacher may enjoy having on hand.  The whole point is for the teacher to have a little set of essentials they can keep in their bottom drawer and not have to share.

Don’t forget to download your The Back to School Gifts for teachers printables are available here.

Back to School Gifts for Students

These are ideas for teachers to give to their students either at the open house, meet the teacher day, or maybe even the first day of class. These are also appropriate for your students to give to their classmates if they’re super excited about being in school, or they’re just little ones with giving spirits.
Because these will be going to a larger group of students, I used 2″ round stickers instead of printing, cutting and adhering that many tags. The fully-customizable labels are available 12 to a sheet in my Etsy shop. They are usually$4/sheet, but if you mention the code BACK TO SCHOOL WITH BELLE before August 31, you can get them for just $2/sheet.
Starting off simply with a few colored pencils in a bag with a curly ribbon bow and a label. These bags are typically used for the pretzel rods, but they’re the perfect size for pencils.
A bag of goldfish crackers is perfect to go along with the “O-fish-ally a __ grader” labels.
These last two labels are incredibly versatile and would work with just about any small treat you can imagine. I used candy, but I know some teachers and parents understandably prefer to offer alternative treats.
These cute Back to School Gifts couldn’t be any easier or quicker. Would love to know you download the tags or use any of our custom labels to dress up your cute creations. Always feel free to tag me on Instagram@behindthescenesbelle or share in our new Facebook Group!
Best of luck with the all of the Back to School activities – may the lines be short, the sales be great, and your kids have a great year!
Stay humble, work hard, be kind.
Wendy - Behind the Scenes Belle

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